December 2016: On the initiative of Benjamin Meixner (born 2001), a student at the Vienna International School, a group of students from the international schools of Vienna started to train (both outdoors and indoors) at Sportcenter Donau City under the direction of coach Kristian Lukov.

Objective: To combine fun with a willingness to be disciplined, and attend training (at least 2 times a week), in a young international team using English as its “working language”.

Direction and Sponsorship came from Benjamin’s father.

A flourishing team spirit, and improved performance levels, led to the decision to establish “Meixner Football Club” in March 2017. The Club (Verein) was registered in the Central Register of Associations under ZVR 909144270 in April 2017.

The decision was made to enter the DSG League in the 2017/18 season as a Senior Team (for Championship matches). To strengthen the team, some more experienced players were recruited. A contract with Polizei-Sportvereinigung Kaisermühlen was secured as a home pitch and training field.

May/June 2017: Several friendlies (training matches) took place with great success.

September 2017: The Championship Season started in the DSG League 2A.

Mission of Meixner FC: To play football with passion! A willingness and desire to be the best you can be, and to improve your playing performance through structured and ongoing training designed to continuously enhance your playing skills. Fairness and positive team spirit are definitely required.

In the future, we want to build a reserve squad, so that every team member will be used in games regularly.