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Jonathan Douw

2018-03-25T10:29:36+00:0025. March 2018|Our new members|

We are very pleased to welcome Jonathan Douw (born 2001) in our squad. About his motivation: "I joined Meixner FC because of the quality of the training and the team spirit that is in the club. This is my first time playing for a club and I hope to improve at Meixner." As Jonathan is a very gifted technical player we are convinced he will bring further quality into our team.
Position: Midfield

Anton Windisch

2018-03-25T10:27:15+00:0025. March 2018|Our new members|

We are happy to welcome Anton Windisch (born 2000) in our team. Commenting on his football enthusiasm and his first experiences with Meixner FC Anton said: "Since I was a little boy it was my great passion to play football. Therefore I joined Mauerwerk Admira where I played for several years without, however, ever feeling really comfortable and at home. Therefore I changed to Meixner FC and knew I am in good hands and feel very well from the beginning."
Position: Midfield

Iason Manolopoulos

2018-02-20T13:03:11+00:0020. February 2018|Our new members|

We are delighted to welcome Iason Manolopoulos (born 2001) in our team. Iason says about his ambition: "After my injury it was difficult to get back in place, but with Meixner FC I found my place again and I can easily see us winning the league with our determination."
Position: Defender/Midfielder

Leonardo Molin Pradel

2018-01-11T06:54:08+00:0011. January 2018|Our new members|

We are happy to welcome Leonardo Molin Pradel (born 2001) in our team. Since the age of 8 Leo has been playing football for a team in Italy (Zoldo) whenever he had the chance. After having moved to Vienna he played 4 years for DIS and then for LAC-Inter which is a team in the first league. After suffering of leg injury Leo moved to the VIS team with whom he e.g. played in Belgium. His goal: "With MEIXNER FC I look forward to winning the league!"
Position: Defender

Viktorio Stoyanov

2018-01-11T07:02:19+00:009. January 2018|Our new members|

We would like to welcome Viktorio Stoyanov (born 2001). Viktorio is a very perspective young player who comes from a football family with his dad playing for the national Bulgarian team. Played for teams such as Spartak Varna and in the famous academy of the best Bulgarian football player for all times Hristo Stoichkov - Etropole.
Position: Midfielder

Football for kids

2017-11-15T09:28:57+00:0029. October 2017|General news|

We are recruiting children for our academy from all age groups. League football could be offered to the more talented boys starting from the age

Welcome to our new Website!

2017-10-27T18:35:20+00:0029. October 2017|General news|

Here you will find everything you want to know about our football club: details regarding our next matches, reports on the course and result of